Taking one step every five breaths, The kid and the sparrow march slowly to the summit. The oxygen becomes so thin that the sparrow is struggling.
"We can't go to the summit," The Sparrow said. "It's too much. We are not ready for this yet".
"Hold on just a bit longer," The kid said. "These last few steps are surely the hardest, but once we pass that, we'll be settled for life! We will get everything that we want"

The sparrow, having such intuition is not really convinced with the kid. But the Sparrow put high trust into the Kid. The sparrow believes the kid can do it.

One step at a time, carefully not confusing left foot and right foot, they finally reach the summit. And there it was, the treasure at the foot of the rainbow. It's true, as truer as the sun shines from the east. Gold and gems and diamonds, all the shiny stuff that the kid can get.

Among all the treasure, lies three vials of time. These vials grant one wish, the ability to change one particular past, present, or future.

The kid wants to take the vial of the Past but then thinks what a waste if the past is changed, but the present is not. Take the vial of Future the Kid thinks, but then what if the kid dies in the not-so-far future?

The Kid takes the vial of Presents. To change what we can now, the very present itself.
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