The Enchantress set her path toward Mount Aasveig. White tundra and many obstacles stand in her way and the other Six Gods. Countless hurdles, she would have to endure the most excruciating pain before facing the Six Gods.

For thousands of millennia, mount Aasveig becomes a sacred place of the Gods. Not one soul other than the Gods can reach it. Death and wailing souls stand in the feet of the mountain, to ensure woe to whoever dares to trespass.

The Oracle stays at the shoulder of the mountain. The Oracles are those who sacrifice their eyes, ears, and mouth and pledge their soul to the Universe, acquiring the ability to know and write each soul's destiny in the living world.

Treading the icy-sharp terrain through the dry and amid terrain, the Enchantress walks bravely. She slowly turns into a mortal, capable of wounds. Her feet bleed from the rough terrain, but not a slightest dimmed the fiery fire in her soul.
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