As with any civilization out there, we as a human seems to have the need to control everything. We strive for new things that could make our life easier, only to forget that we are nothing but a speck in the eyes of the Universe.

From industrialization to digitization, everything is built in the name of speed. Faster ramen, faster transportation, faster access to information, instant advertisements. We crave entertainment as a way out from the real world, allowing us to create a tiny world where we are safe from the world that is ever-expanding.

The forest is about to be destroyed to give room to a mall, The gardener read. Blasphemy! How dare humans! Why would we turn the forest into a concrete jungle with all the convenience? Who needs fast food, or nice aesthetic cafes, or retail stores, or cinemas, or the new phone, or the new makeup trends, right?

But right and wrong are never wrong and right. Ever changing like the waves in the sea, submitting itself to the moon.

It shall not be done, think the gardener. The gardener's resolution is clear. The gardener would launch a protest at the city council, even if The gardener is alone.
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