The sky is shattered when the decision to send the Old Soul to Valhalla. A sign of a dire mistake the Enchantress made. To deliver the Old Soul to Valhalla means to accept that a mortal can change the Destiny.

The enchantress stands mightily, defending her decision to the very core of her soul. A life spent to alter one's destiny should be rewarded as so. A soul is given to each creature in the living world, and it's up to these souls what they want to do with the time given to them. Some use it like there's no time, some use it like they would be reborn again. Each is unique.

The Enchantress is aware of the rule that governs the Universe, that everything has its place and is under the bind of the Destiny. To slip Destiny's hand is not a small task to do. But still, one can use one's soul however they want.

As with anything in life, there is a price for anything. The price for this mistake in the eyes of the Gods is the soul of the Enchantress herself. Her soul would be banished from the underworld, cursed to be lived among the living. She shall neither be alive, nor dead. Forever tormented in the living world.
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