The gardener heard of the scammer, but never thought the gardener would fall to such a thing. In the gardener's era, people scam by selling things that we don't need. They would be so clever that we often fall for it. You know, buying things we don't need, with the money we don't have, to impress people we don't like.

"Where are you now?" Asked the salesperson. The gardener explains that the Gardener is on an MRT train. The tickets were given by the lady from the city council, surely the lady is not a bad person? After all, why would she help the gardener in the first place the gardener thinks, still in denial.

"That ticket grants you entry yes, but to get out of the MRT system you would need the phone with the crypto wallet in your possession and you don't have that," said the salesperson. "You wouldn't be able to get out from the MRT station."

Chill running at the back of the gardener's neck, imagining that the gardener was trapped in the last stop of the MRT. It's so close the gardener thinks. It's just a few hundred meters to the Forest from that station stop.

"It doesn't stop at that," The salesperson said. "Since you don't have the exit ticket, the station will impose you a fine. Ten times the ticket price. And you couldn't afford that"

"I can afford that!" Said the gardener. The gardener has been saving up so much for many decades. Surely it's enough just to pay a ticket fee.

But the salesperson bet that the gardener practically doesn't have any money now. The bank account of the gardener would have been emptied by the scammer lady, using the information that the gardener gave.
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