Asking how to pay for the ticket for the MRT, the gardener validates the information the salesperson told before. That it is to be paid with crypto only. The problem is, the gardener doesn't have one, or understand one it seems.

A call came in from an unknown number, which made the gardener relieved. Must be the salesperson, because nobody else would call the gardener. A different voice greets the gardener. A lady with a firm voice. She explained that she was calling from the city council, to understand more about why the gardener was calling.

A feeling of relief rushes through the Gardener. The gardener's voice will finally be heard and the destruction of the Forest will be canceled. The gardener explains in length why the idea to demolish the Forest for a shopping center would be madness.

The lady at the end of the call noted everything and promised to pass the message to the city council as fast as possible. To do so, the lady would need to verify that the gardener is a part of the district, and all it takes is some information. The Gardener happily says yes, upon which the lady asks the Gardener's full name, late spouse's name, and mother's maiden name.

The gardener hastily provides it all to the lady. The gardener has one more last question to ask, waiting for the lady to process the gardener's complaint.

"All set," said the lady, explaining that the complaint has been sent to the city council and they will get back to the gardener soon. A smile was drawn on the face of the gardener.

Before hanging up the phone, the gardener asks the lady if she can help obtain an MRT ticket as it should be bought using crypto only. The lady paused and explained that she could provide a ticket to enter the MRT.
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