Smartphone is something like butter nowadays. Everybody has one, or two, or the best they said. But not the gardener. The phone that the gardener has is an old phone, the one that the famous snake game was invented. Old school for sure but the phone is so durable it lasts more than most people's marriages.

The gardener turns on the phone, finds the city council number on the yellow pages, and dials the city council, only to be greeted by a lady. "Patch me through the Kyoto district," the Gardener said. No answer from the lady. "Please patch me through the Kyoto district, this is important" pleaded the gardener. Still no answer.

Until suddenly there's an answer. A flat voice instructing the gardener to press nine. But once pressed, the lady instructed the gardener to press two. And then five. And then three. And it is still not patched through the city council!

The gardener was frustrated by the call. The lady keeps repeating everything with a flat voice as if she's a robot. It's impossible the gardener thinks, to talk with someone with little respect like that. The gardener ends the call takes the beige bag and fills it with some snacks and other sustenance, determined to start the journey to the forest.

It's been many, many years since the gardener visited the Forest. In fact, It's been years since the gardener went more than a few miles. Everything is in close reach at this age. Strawberry milk, Koko crunch, and Sakura noodles are all but within walking distance. 

It would be a long journey to the Forest but the way to the forest would still be the same, the gardeners believe. It would be a straightforward journey like old times.
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