There's this garden deep inside the forest, with a small hut built by the gardener a long time ago. Peace lilies, Monstera Deliciosa, and Tilandsia surround the garden. A splash of Begonia, Golden Moneywort, and English Ivy crawls into a great tree nearby.

It's been years since the gardener attended to the garden. Many years back, the gardener would visit it at least once every two weeks especially to tend the roses and Mandevilla.

The garden once again reminds the gardener of a purpose long gone. A purpose so powerful it can move mountains. Time erodes it, but the Gardener still has some of it deep inside.

The garden might not be enough to stop the city council from turning the forest into a shopping mall the gardener thinks. But then, nothing in life is in our control. It's all but an illusion. We do our best with the thing that we have right now and leave up the rest.

What the gardener can do, is to tend the garden again. Maybe clean up the Hut. For what? Just because. For the sake of the Hut itself and all its memories. For the garden itself and all the journeys the gardener has made. For the bet, that perhaps someone would notice the garden next to the lake and continue The gardener's purpose.

Just because.

As the gardener sits under the tree and ponders at the lake, a swarm of butterflies comes into the garden, drawing a slight smile on the old gardener's face. Soon the gardener's time will be up the gardener thinks. But again, perhaps an end is just another beginning. We never know.
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