"Ohayo Ossan!" A calm, friendly voice comes from the living room. The gardener's friend who has been helping the gardener maintain life, was coming with plenty of things that are essential for the gardener.

Things like essential oil, fertilizer, and a small garden fork. The gardener somehow kept breaking the sturdy garden fork. One can only imagine several scenarios it could break because it was built for last. It confused the friend as well but nevertheless, the friend bought it again, and again, and again.

"I'm going on a strike!" The gardener said. Mumbling about how the city council should've not taken the decision to just erase part of the map and replace it with something it's pleased for the name of capitalism. The gardener walks slowly to the dressing room, looking for that sakura and shellfish pattern shirt that The gardener loves so much.

"Ossan, but protest is a tedious process," The friend said. The gardener does not budge. "You will be tired," The friend said. The gardener still does not budge.

"Ossan, I'm leaving to another town..." The friend said. This time, for sure it took The gardener's attention. Leave is a strong word that the gardener has not heard for years. Is it because of the protest? Is it because of the grumpiness of the gardener? Or perhaps because of the broken garden fork? Because The gardener promised would not break it again.

"I'm leaving because my spouse just got a promotion in another city Ossan," Said the friend with a smile. The gardener has heard about the news that the friend will leave, but it can't be this fast. Perhaps next month, or the next two years. Who would've bought the gardener a new garden fork then?

But then it's not something that the gardener can control, and it shouldn't either. Everyone deserves happiness and surely moving to another city would make the friend happy.
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