It's inevitable in life, isn't it? That someone you dear would part away. Sometimes it's them, sometimes it's you. Nevertheless, it's a parting time. They said the good memories would last, and the bad eventually wash away over time.

And so, the gardener takes time, one last time for the tea ceremony with the friend. Reminiscing all the happy and the not-so-happy memories that turn into laughing matter. A good time indeed.

There goes the friend, the one that accompanies The gardener for some time. The last wave to send the friend into a happier version of the Universe. Never know if they would ever meet again.
With the friend gone, the gardener is convinced that it's impossible to do the protest. After all, it would be too hassle to take care of a house and protest at the same time. It would be the same as doing dishes while cooking. Surely it's impossible?
That's it. That's the end of the forest. The gardener must give up the forest. It's not the gardener's in the first place. The forest is nobody to own.
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