And so begin their journey, across the mountain and the four seas. Through the bare, harsh plain guided by the rainbow. Alongside their journey, their bond grows stronger.
And like any good story out there, the kid meets some friends, and says goodbye to some friends as well.
One of the friends that the kid met was a sparrow. A talking sparrow in fact. The sparrow would sit at the kid's shoulder, helping the kid to navigate the road with its perfect sense of direction. Sparrow has this internal compass at its head you know.

The kid went to the land of the giants where the kid gets help from the giants. Not all giants are good, but that's okay. Most of the giants eat too much, swallowing more than they can chew. Sometimes the giant gives the kid some food, but often times the giant hoards the food for themselves.

Kid also went to the Shiny Valley, where Kid felt very thrilled. Everything is shiny on Shiny Valley. Not everything that is shiny is gold they say, but indeed they're right because gems and diamonds also shine. Shiny Valley is the end destination before the summit where the rainbow ends. 

They met Veda, a carpenter who helped them build a boat to cross the great lake. "I built this for you!" said Veda. The Enchantress and the sparrow warn the Kid that they have a bad feeling about this, but the Kid is naïve and accepts the boat. Just to make sure, Kid asks Veda how much it costs.
"Ah it's just a small boat. Let's talk about it later when you come back from the top of the mountain". What a lovely person the kid thinks, while hopping into the boat, ready to cross the great lake.
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