"Is this the gardener?" Ask a deep voice on the other side of the Phone. Just now the gardener received a call from the Bank. The Bank's fraud team found a suspicious action on the Gardener's accounts and tried to contact the gardener through the registered number, only to get picked up by another person. This person said that the Gardener puts the person's name for many things because the Gardener did not want to be hassled by any of the modern world. This person then gave the Fraud team the gardener's number, hoping the gardener would pick up. And Pick up the gardener did.

"Yes, who am I speaking to?" Said the gardener. The fraud team explains about themselves and the suspicious activity on the gardener's account. They want to confirm whether the Gardener is aware of it or not. 

"Oh no sir, I know nothing about that. Can you help me with that? I don't know what to do" Said the gardener.

"Sure can, we will revert the action. You will have your money back in your account soon. No worries. Please keep this line open" Said the fraud team.

No worries he said, think the gardener. How can that person be so calm in a time of disaster, the gardener wonders? Perhaps that's something the Gardener can learn to do. Not to worry stuff, after all, it's either had happened or hasn't happened yet, why do we worry about things?

"Done, your money is back into your account" the fraud team said.
Now the gardener has the money back, and the Gardener is relieved. It's okay to pay the penalty fee for not having exit tickets, as long as the gardener can exit the MRT station. The gardener thanks the fraud team and hangs up the phone.

"I need to thank the salesperson for helping me contact the bank," the gardener thinks. Such a nice person, The salesperson was the closest thing to a best friend that the gardener had for years. Nice of the salesperson to help the gardener in a time of dire. But the salesperson never calls the gardener back.

The MRT broadcast system tells that the last stop is near, and all passengers must off-board at the next station. The gardener's eyes gleam up, hopeful with the soon-encountered Forest.
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