As the Enchantress continues her journey, she slowly loses part of herself. This time, her mind. The Gods are ripping out Enchantress's mind. She would see things that were not there, and hear unfriendly voices that discouraged her to go on the top of the mountain.

Sometimes, the Enchantress would forget things, or be confused by the direction to the top. The ground would be shifted as if the land is a quicksand. The fog would enshroud the Enchantress slowly from the feet, up to the ankle, and eventually to her chest choking her. She would hyperventilate and gasping for air.

The Enchantress reached near the limit of her own body. She wonders if she ever get to the top, and face the Six Gods. Maybe the universe is as is, and nothing can be done. That Destiny is not something one could change.

The old world and all its immutable, unspoken rules.

But the Enchantress's soul was firm, and the body was only her vessel. It was not strong enough to keep the Enchantress's soul submissive.
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