It's nice to be alone, but also nice not to be alone the gardener thinks. A companion is always a nice thing to have. If only the gardener had a companion. It can be anything. A person. A bird. A rock.
There's this weird color rock in the garden that the gardener has been eyeing for long. The kind of rock that doesn't really belong with other rocks. A grey, oval-shaped rock in the middle of boring white rocks.
Hey, why not be friends with the grey rock? The gardener thinks while picking up the grey rock and putting it on the chair next to the gardener.
Funny Grey Rock the gardener thinks. It's been there for so long, rain or shine and yet it still insists to be a Grey Rock. How could that be? To stand against the time. To be so stubborn to be against its own destiny set by other rocks. If only life is that simple the gardener thinks.

To be against what is predestined.

That's it! The gardener jumps from the chair. A revelation, a light bulb on top of the gardener's head. The city might decide the fate of the forest, and there's nothing the gardener can do about it. It's out of the gardener's control. But there is something that the gardener can control. To build a garden in the forest so beautiful, in the hope that the city council change its mind!

All that is needed is two things: time, and transport. Wonder with all the technologies humans make, why isn't there a teleportation yet the gardener thinks?

As for the time, perhaps the gardener can convince the city council to delay it. Just for a few weeks or months, the gardener thinks.

Barge through the living room, straight to the storage where the gardener put the treasure box filled with everything one can imagine. An old note, a picture of two armchair sofa next to a fireplace, a postcard, a box with many sticky notes, an empty vial, a phone!
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