It seems easy when we dream of something. As a human, we tend to oversimplify things. Maybe it's a psychological thing? Maybe it's not. At least that's how the gardener underestimates the journey. To take a train and arrive at the Forest the gardener thinks.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the old train system was replaced with both MRT and tunnel trains. None of which the gardener ever used before. Gone are the old ticket-based train system, changed by the modern app-based reservation system. The gardener tries to ask the customer service at the ticket booth, only to be directed to download and 'install' the app.

"how the heck I install this thing," the gardener thinks. Never in the gardener's life arose the need to install the so-called app on the phone. Not to mention the internet. The gardener was so against it up to the point refused to learn about it. The customer service points the gardener to a personal computer nearby, but the gardener does have not the slightest idea of how this works. The customer service tried to help the gardener, but then the customer service needed the gardener ID's and the username of the wallet app.

The gardener's brain jumbled into a mashed potato, can not comprehend the vastness of modernity that is seeping through everything in life.

In the middle of the struggle, the phone rings. The gardener knows it'd be the old friend, the salesperson-who-nags. The gardener took time to think whether to answer the call or not, as the gardener was busy solving the puzzle of buying a single train ticket.
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