The gardener, hopeless against technology, decides to answer the call. As predicted, it's the salesperson. Calling for the same reason, the gardener finally proposes something to the salesperson.

"Can you help get to the forest?" Asks the gardener. The gardener rambles about how technology should be helping humans rather than making things hard, before finally asking how the salesperson can help the gardener. "You must know about all these technologies," said the gardener.

With the unique situation the gardener faces, the salesperson knows this is a gold opportunity. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get everything that the salesperson needs. No idea why the salesperson would want all those ID numbers and family names though. The salesperson promised to help the gardener get to the Forest safely, but only if the gardener promised by heart to give that personal information to the salesperson. The gardener has no choice other than to accept the offer. Fair deals the gardener thinks.

The salesperson guides the gardener slowly, to eventually be frustrated by how the gardener knows nothing!
"You know what, we can do better than this. I'll just buy you the ticket myself and you can enter the code on those machines. That'll save you the trouble" The salesperson said.
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