The beeping sound of a closing door, followed by an automated voice broadcasting system marks the departure of the train. The gardener managed to board the tunnel train thanks to the salesperson.

Still talking with the salesperson, the gardener thinks that it's good that the salesperson is around. Maybe the gardener has been too harsh to the salesperson all these years. Maybe the salesperson just wants to sell something small. But before the thought took the form of action, the gardener dismissed it. A salesperson is an annoying person, the gardener thinks.

"It's not done yet, you know," said the salesperson. Confused by the statement, the gardener asks what does it mean. Turns out, the journey to the Forest contains two different trains. One is using a tunnel train, and another using a new MRT system.
"Can't you help me like you did earlier? Help me buy the ticket" said the gardener. The salesperson wants to help but unfortunately this time the salesperson can not do it. Explaining to the Gardener that the new system uses crypto payment and that the ticket would be bound to the salesperson's account, should the ticket be bought by the salesperson.

The gardener does not buy it. It must be a lie, The gardener thinks. Probably one of the ploys the salesperson creates so that the gardener would beg and give everything that the salesperson needs and that would be it. The salesperson would leave the gardener, never to be heard about again. The gardener would have nobody to ask for help.

As the train goes deeper into the underground, the phone network starts to scramble, before it goes completely blank. The gardener sits alone, only to be accompanied by other people who don't talk to each other.

The train was full of other people like the gardener, each keeping their distance. I wonder if everyone would be happier should each of one willing to open themselves. It would be a more peaceful world where one helps the other, and not defensive toward everyone. Collaborate, instead of compete kind of thing.
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