The Gods first take away Enchantress's power. The ability to decide a soul's destiny in the underworld. The Enchantress understands that this is just the beginning. Soon, her soul will be taken apart from her body and sent to the living world by the other Six Gods.

As the Enchantress waits for her destiny, the words of the Old Souls reverberate through the Enchantress's soul. To challenge the fate and Destiny. Those words seem to disturb the Enchantress.

Because if those are true, then any soul can decide upon their own destiny. The universe would not be as is, and Chaos would engulf the Universe. A tiny ripple in the pond with the consequences span to the Cosmos.

Powered by the Old Soul's words, The Enchantress makes firm of her heart. She will go to Mount Aasveig to challenge the Oracles and the Six Gods themselves. The Enchantress's soul is plagued by the idea of challenging Destiny.
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