wckd is a personalized framework to help you achieve your dream.
A dream, however big or small it is, is just a dream. To make it real, we need to convert it into a goal and create a personalized framework to get there. To achieve your dream, three constraints play into parts: time, resources, and effort.

Wckd acts as a neutral guide towards achieving your goal. There are two emphases to pay attention to here: neutral, and guide.

By neutral, it means wckd does not take a side. We try to provide you with multiple perspectives and paths to achieving a goal, without considering the ethical value of said path. A goal is a goal, as long as it does not go against the law.

By guide, we will be experimenting with various ways to help you. Achieving a dream needs more than just a brief action. It needs a change of mindset and adjusting one character to match said goal. Think of an actress/actor. To be able to truly play their character, they have to transform, from their mind into physical.

In the early stage, we aim to produce articles, digital content such as podcast/video channels, and other experimental ways.

Wckd is launching at the end of 2023. If you're interested in being part of it, follow the Instagram of folieplease. It will be broadcast there.
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