Life in Pink (French: La vie en Rose)
to see life through rose-colored glass. 

While it may seem naïve, to see life from the positive side is a choice one can make, should one decide to. You see, any event can be viewed as either good or bad, depending truly on one's perspective. As a Human, we experience events that might shatter us, change our reality, or completely change how we see the world.

There are two concepts that are revolving around the three stories. The first one is the idea that we are the master of our destiny. We choose our fate starting from the way we think of something, speak, act, and eventually become part of our character. Altering one's so-called fate is possible, but always with a great price.

The secondary is about our view of time. While it's true that the time that we experienced is linear, we emphasized too much on it and focused on the cause and effect. The past is a fact, but it has no power whatsoever in the present. We often focus on what has been and let it dictate our view of the present. The future, on the other hand, is an illusion. It is impossible to control the future, however hard one tries. 

We see time as a river, but we often fail to see that the river is circular.

While the stories might have multiple hints and subtle text, anyone is free to interpret the stories themselves. You could think of it as bad stories, good, enlightening, or means nothing at all. Each to their own, free to choose. Whatever it is, I hope the stories help you get closer to peace, as it is for me.

For you who want to understand the background story behind Life in Pink, it is well documented in The Making Of. The full explanation of the stories is in the Epilogue.

Lastly, we might not know each other, we're a stranger. But allow me to say that I do love you, and I mean it. Be well and take care, I'll see you around.
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