On one cloudy evening, the Charon slowly paddle its boat over the river Styx. An Old Soul comes with the Charon. One with a grey, sakura, and shellfish pattern shirt. The Old Soul was fearless the Enchantress can tell. As if the old soul welcomes death as a friend.

Standing in front of the Enchantress, the old soul looks small and helpless. As with any soul, the Enchantress asks the old soul "Tell me mortal, what have you done with your life?"

The Old Soul tells the story of a garden in the middle of the forest, one that the Old Soul built. A mere nothing compared to what others have done with their life. Some build a megastructure, some achieve success, and some pass down many kin.

The old soul tells that the garden was a crystallization of an idea. An idea so powerful it reverberates throughout time and space. The idea of altering one's destiny. 

Looking at the fiery eyes the old soul has, ensures the Enchantress that the old soul is worthy of being rewarded. The Enchantress sends the old soul to Valhalla
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