At long last, the Enchantress reached the shoulder of the mountain. The Enchantress's feet are bleeding from the icy terrain, her arms are filled with cuts and rips from the thorns, and her mind is against her. But still, the Enchantress's eyes are full of fury and resolution to change the Destiny.

The Oracles sit at the shoulder of the mountain. Together they maintain the balance of the Universe. They have seen what the Enchantress will do, and warn her of the great consequences. The Oracle says that the Universe is now at stake. One event has the capability of a ripple effect at the time continuum, messing up each Universe.

The Oracle tells that the sparrow that the Enchantress encountered, was no longer in the underworld. A forbidden trinket of Gods has been used in the living world to give life back to the sparrow, disrupting the Destiny. The Universe can only take so many events it might be shattered soon. The Oracle begs the Enchantress to stop, as everything would be in chaos should the Enchantress continue.

The Enchantress, knowing that the Sparrow was called back to the living world, was convinced that she too, can change her destiny.

Anyone could change their destiny.
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