Days passed by, and the kid took time to repair the boat. They would need it to go back home. The sparrow has been helping the Kid repair the boat, providing the Kid with wood here and there.

At one night when they finished repairing the boat, they set a fire by the shore. The kid tells the sparrow everything about the kid's hometown. From the kid's family to the struggle the kid is having. 

The kid asks what is one thing that the sparrow would like to do once back in the kid's town. The sparrow stares at the sky and tells the kid of a journey the sparrow has been dreaming since the sparrow was a hatchling. A journey to build a nest egg on top of a tree with its companion, far away in the depths of the forest.

That the sparrow would trade anything to have that.

The kid, having done with his journey, realizes that it is now the kid's turn to support the sparrow's journey. To let the sparrow go on its own journey.

The night was long, filled with chatter and laughter. Both thank each other for the amazing journey. Come the morning, the sparrow says its goodbye, wishing the Kid the best of luck. The sparrow parted away on its own journey, with a promise of not-so-far-future where they both once again will go on a brand new adventure. The one journey that will change everything. 

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