The eerie sound of the waterfall and crickets,
The nothingness that comes despite everything,
The tears drip slowly from the Kid's eyes.
The motionless sparrow in the hand of the Kid.
minutes feel like decades.

The kid cries silently, and yet it is so loud that the forest becomes silent. The water stops falling and the sky turns dark mourning the sparrow.

From silence, comes a raging thunderstorm of a sudden. Violently struck lightning into the tree, as if it understood the rage inside the kid.

The kid would trade anything for the Sparrow to be there. All those journeys far away were nothing without the sparrow. The treasures do not even count anything anymore.


The kid remembers the vial of the Present, one wish to be granted to change the present. The kid was to use it to change the Kid's Present. To be a wealthy person, or famous one. But none of it matters if Kid still feels alone.
And so the Kid took the vial, drank it, and asked one wish: for the sparrow to come back to life.

And like a sunny day after the storm, the Sparrow is alive once more.
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