The kid took all the gold and shiny stuff, and the vial of Presents. The kid walks happily, knowing that The kid is right, there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow. The kid can't wait to tell to everyone, how the kid is right. Everyone would've then praised the kid. Everyone would accept the kid and the kid would be valid, alive, and exist.

But nothing rarely comes for free, especially in this world. Happy as it could be, the Kid made way to the great lake, ready to go back home, only to find that Veda does not allow the kid back home. There's a price Veda said to the kid. And the price of the boat would be the treasure itself.

The kid erupted in rage, saying that it was unfair. The Kid made all the journey, why would Veda get the treasure the Kid thinks. But then what Veda said is true, there's always a cost for everything. It is the kid's naivety that blinds the Kid.

Not to mention that the sparrow is in critical condition. The sparrow is dying from the lack of oxygen and is in dire need of going to low altitudes as fast as possible. Looking at the sparrow, the kid decides to give Veda all of the kid's fortune, with one exception: the vial of Present.

With the boat in hand, Kid rushes to paddle down the slope, taking a shortcut to save the Sparrow from the lack of oxygen.

The thing about the kid is, that this is the kid's first time navigating the boat. Lack of skill in navigating, the kid ramps up the boat here and there. Navigating the stream as best as the Kid can.

I wish the Sparrow is okay, it's impossible to navigate this water but I'll make it said the Kid.

Come to a big waterfall and the leap of faith, The Kid faces the waterfall with full faith, with the vial of Present in hand, praying that the Sparrow would be fine.

The boat flew through the waterfall, diving down beside all the water that turned the water into steam, merging with the sun's beam into a kaleidoscope, producing rainbows. In this moment a thought comes to the kid's mind.

"Is this the end of everything?"
But no, nothing in this world truly ends.

Break into pieces the boat, the kid survives holding the vial of Present and the sparrow. The kid swims to the shore, happy to face the trial of the waterfall.

"Look, we made it!" the kid said to the sparrow. But the sparrow does not reply. It stays still on the kid's hand, peacefully closing its eyes. The warmth of the sparrow slowly fades away in the kid's hand.
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