The kid goes back home to his shack, only to find the kid can not get the image of the rainbow out of his head. The story of a treasure at the end of the rainbow. Is it there though? What if it is? What if everyone thinks it's just the story but in fact it's there? Curiosity overcomes the kid.

"I would trade anything for that treasure," The kid says. The kid wished so hard that night, that the thought enshrouds The kid's mind. Laid down on Kid's bed with eyes open, staring blankly at the wooden ceiling with many water spots on it.
"Anything?" A gentle voice asks from the darkness.
Without hesitation, The Kid says "Anything. I would give anything. I want to be like others! Can you please, help me?"
" I can, for I am the Enchantress. It will take a cost to get it, but I assume that you would be willing to pay anything for it. Let's go, to the end of the rainbow."
The kid gets up from the bed, with an eye full of resolution, and walks outside. Out in the open, the Kid once again stares at the starry sky with full hope.

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