The kid packed only a handful of items, all tucked neatly in the kid's green backpack. Alongside the Enchantress, the kid start the journey together. To the land where the rainbow ends. "What is that keychain that you attached to your bag?" The enchantress looked at the kid's backpack while traversing the road.
"It's a memento. I found it in the trash. It's from a circus I guess"
"I see. I supposed you kept that because you wanted to go to a circus?"
The kid holds the keychain dearly, looking at it briefly, and says "No. I keep it because it reminds me to go through this life. It's a reminder that perhaps someday I can be like them."
"Like them how?" Asked the Enchantress.
"You know, having a happy life. Going to the circus with my family. Being accepted by everyone. Enjoy the circus with a hotdog in my hand".
While the Kid says that, the Enchantress sees a deep sadness in Kid's eye. A sadness with a depth The Enchantress had never seen before. One that can only be achieved through great pain.
"I can see that you're unhappy. Am I right?"
The kid's face turns swollen red as if the kid wants to say something but holds it back. After a while though, the kid says to the Enchantress.
"Of course, I am not happy, I live in a place that is nowhere near like others. That's the reason I want to go to the end of the rainbow. I want to change everything so that I can be happy like others."
The Enchantress stares at the kid, slightly smiling.
"Let's get to the end of the rainbow, so you can have that kind of happiness".
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