Shiny Valley is surely a nice place. A place I can live forever Kid said.
" Why won't you then?" The Enchantress asks with curiosity.
"I'll come back there for sure after I get the treasures" The kid paddled the boat slowly on the great lake. "I want to be part of them, but without the treasures, I won't be able to be accepted by them"
"Why do you need that to be accepted? I don't get it"
"I've seen it before in my hometown. Nobody accepts me because I have nothing"
The enchantress sat quietly, thinking about the world that the kid lived in. A cruel one of course, where one needs to prove their existence only if one has something. The more you have, the more you are valid.

The more you detach from the so-called game of life, you are no longer valid and exist in the eyes of society. Without the shiny thing, one would not have worth. Everyone chasing the shiny thing in life. Some say it's for security, while others say it's their guarantee of future. But isn't the future unwritten? Or perhaps everyone believes that the future is a permanent state, immutable in its very foundation. In that case, the is no hope.

Would be sad to live in that world The enchantress asked herself.
"I can see the end of the lake," The kid said. The final leg of the journey, where all they need to do is summit the mountain.
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