"We're here!" The kid said, with eyes gleaming with hope and excitement. The kid realizes all his hardship will be paid off. The kid can see the end of the rainbow is close.

"I'm afraid I can't follow you into the summit," The Enchantress said, surprising the kid and the sparrow. The Enchantress wants to say this to the kid but she decides to keep it to herself.

The reason that she cannot come is that the kid must go through the final test alone. The kid must understand that this is after all, about the journey itself and the treasure is just a bonus. The enchantress wishes the kid understand that.

"Why can't you? Don't you say that you will accompany me? Don't you want to see what's on the summit?" The kid said, confused about why would the Enchantress give up at the foot of the mountain.

"I've been to the summit once, and I know what's on it. It's your turn now to see what's on the summit" The enchantress answered. "Be sure to remember that there's a cost to everything in this world" She added.

The kid doesn't understand what the Enchantress is saying, but the kid looks up to the summit and is convinced that the kid must finish the journey.
"Very well, if that is your decision," said the Kid. "I'll be missing you after all this journey but I have to go through it".

"Don't worry, I will always watch over you" Said the enchantress.

After all, the enchantress has accompanied the kid for quite an amount of time. Through thick and thin, shaping a bond like no other can have. But the kid must continue the journey.

The enchantress smiles at the Kid and the sparrow as they walk toward the summit,  wishing them nothing but a blessing from the Universe, hoping they will find what they're looking for at the summit.
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