The gardener once again, solves the problem of reaching the Forest. Proudly at self, the gardener looks at the beautiful scenery from the MRT windows. This time the train tracks are above the ground so passengers can see the beautiful scenery that the city provides. A concrete jungle indeed. Unlike the underground train, The passengers talk to each other too. As if the sunshine helps people open up.

Another call came from an unknown number. The gardener is convinced the call is from the city council, only to find out the call is from the salesperson. Huh, this annoying brat is restless the gardener thinks.
"Did you tell your personal information to anyone?" The salesperson asks in a hurry. Usually, the salesperson takes time before asking those personal information but this time the salesperson takes no warm-up whatsoever.
"Why?" said the gardener. "This is important. Did you give your personal information to anyone just yet?" asked the salesperson.
The gardener thinks and is confident that the gardener did not share that information...except for the city council. It's the right thing to do, right? Otherwise, the gardener's voice and aspiration wouldn't be heard by the city council. "Yes, but only to the city council," The gardener said.

"Think of it," The Person said. "Why would the city council ask for your information? They could've easily pulled the information from their records!"

The gardener is stunned by the salesperson's sentences. The gardener realizes that what the salesperson said is true. It doesn't make sense now. Back then it felt like the right thing to do, but now it doesn't. After all, life can only be understood backward but must be lived forward.

"Then why would the city council ask for it?" Said the gardener.
"I'm sorry but that's not a city council, it's the scammer that wants to extort your money" answered the salesperson.
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