"Calm down, let me make a few calls. You definitely owe me something after this" The salesperson said, sounding pissed. How could the salesperson not? After all these years the gardener refused to give that information to the salesperson but then one short call from some lady posing as the city council made the gardener open up.

"I'm sorry, I should have trusted you instead. I promise I will answer anything if you can help me now. You're the only person that could help me" Said the gardener

"Sigh...It doesn't matter now. I'll try my best to help you" answered the salesperson before hanging up.

Minutes passed by, and it felt like years. Sad and disappointment brew like a storm inside the gardener's heart. If only the gardener opens up sooner, maybe it won't be like this. Perhaps the Friend wouldn't go. Perhaps the City council won't clear up the forest. Or maybe, Life could be complete.
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