The gardener walks by the porch to start the journey, only to be interrupted by a phone call. Could it be the city council? That was fast the gardener thinks. But no, it's not the city council.

It's an old friend if you can say so. There's this person who has been calling the gardener for years, asking many things about the gardener. Full name, late spouse's name, even mother's maiden name! What a nuisance the gardener thinks! What an odd friend. The gardener never gives it though, always giving a false name. Must be a salesperson trying to sell something!

The salesperson would stop for a while, before calling again and asking the same thing again. It might have been years since the salesperson's last call before the gardener got really annoyed and decided to turn off the phone and put it in the Treasure Box. "Listen, I am busy now, I need to go to the forest," The gardener said and explained the journey to save the forest.

The salesperson, on the other hand, was dumbfounded by the naivety of the gardener. The salesperson explained it's practically impossible to change the city council decision, once it had been decided. However, explaining it to the gardener wouldn't change the gardener's decision to go to the forest though. At least the Salesman understands the gardener that much.

"Very well, I'll call you another time," said the salesperson before hanging up the phone.

All packed, money clips, water bottle, some snacks, that'd be it! To the forest we go said the gardener.
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